Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Planning a Fun Gluten Free Halloween

I'd like to first say that Halloween is not just for kids! I know I love to get dressed up and feel like a kid again. Give me 3 halloween parties in a week. I will wear three different costumes and I will commit and get creative, no slutty nurse, librarian, police officer, etc. for me. (But, If you are gonna go the slutty route, I can't say anything else about it (: )

Whether you are throwing a Halloween party or getting treats ready for the neighborhood kiddos, making it fun is obvious, but you can also make it gluten free!

First, some easy ways to make it fun! It is the little things that go a long way. Even if you are not having a big party, you can make the treats you are handing out fun and special. 

While looking for fun products to use at my halloween party I discovered the Bakers Confections. They had so many options to add some flair to your baking, or just make the holiday a bit more fun!

If you have enough time during the week to do some baking, go ahead and pick up some fun sprinkles! 

They are an easy way to add some character to your desserts. Think about it, plain dessert or a dessert with little ghosts or colorful sprinkles on it. Which one are you gonna pick up at the party.

I know I'd grab the cupcake with the most sprinkles! 

There is also a good chance you are not going to have time make cupcakes, let alone put on cute frosting. You can still look like you put in more effort and prink out cute wrappers. This way, those candy bars you pick up can be quickly wrapped and they look better than the regular candy. (I would recommend doing this for in your home, not for in the basket kids will be digging into.)

You can also just use cute party spoons, straws, plates, cups and napkins. If someone is eating off a Boo Spoon, they are sure to get into the spirit. 

Halloween is also pretty easy to make gluten free! There are lots of options and you don't have to make your own treats. A simple Pinterest search will give you hundreds to choose from! You can also always use our halloween recipe for gluten free witch fingers!

I also think these Frankenstein marshmallow pops from Just a Taste are adorable!

Just to make life easy for  you and those poor kiddos trick-or-treating who can not have gluten, here are a few options without being the lame house on the block that gives out carrot sticks. Here is a list of gluten free candy.

Because there are so many food allergies, obviously you are not expected to have something for every kid that comes knocking on your door. But, maybe avoid peanuts. In my opinion this will work in  your favor. Buy a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, then say "Ooops. I don't want a poor kid with peanut allergies getting these! I better eat these myself!" then you can get something else for them and enjoy the peanut butter cups! (just make sure you don't get seasonal fun shaped Reese's they are not gluten free :( I found that out the hard way.

Have a safe and happy halloween!

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