Monday, September 30, 2013

Camping in Big Bear part 2

Ok, here we go! More Big Bear adventures! I slept pretty great is my cozy sleeping bag, so when a crying baby/weird neighbors woke me up around 6 I wasn't even mad!

I'm still training for this 1/2 marathon right now so I figured I should go for a run.

It was so quiet and peaceful in the morning, I think I was the only one awake out there!

As peaceful as it was, I still had to turn back early, I just couldn't handle the elevation and the hills.  I'm really good at running on flat surfaces with no elevation whatsoever, this was not that!

When I got back I was pretty hungry! Thankfully everyone else was waking up by the time I got back, so I could start to cook breakfast!

I had pre-made some Bob's Red Mill pancakes and brought them with me. I may have filled the bottle a bit much and on the right up the mountain a lot of it popped out when the pressure changed so I had a limited supply.

But, they were still a perfect breakfast and so delicious paired with my camp coffee! When can I order camp coffee from Starbucks? I would like to get one of these on the days that I'm really stressed out at work! 

Breakfast of champions right there! 

After breakfast a few more people headed out on their run, but I stayed back and went to the camp salon! Jess was too kind and braided my hair for me. 

What a good camp mamma!

Aaron however, was not too interested in the salon activities so he grabbed some wood and starting doing boy stuff.

He whittled that piece of wood for a long time.

He was very proud of his knife!

When it was time for lunch I whipped out my favorite eggplant zucchini quinoa salad! 

I had lunch while reading! I took full advantage of being outside, and completely off the grid.

With nothing I am required to do, I can read, sit, hike, nap, eat, or just do nothing and it is pretty amazing!

After relaxing and filling our bellies, we took a drive to find the Pacific Crest Trail. It was quite a bumpy ride and we were the only people who didn't have some sort of off-road vehicle or something with 4-wheel drive. Whoops! We still made it but our cars were pretty dusty by the time we got back!

The PCT is a tail that goes from Mexico all the way up to Canada! We got to experience a small piece of it in Big Bear. 

It was so beautiful! 

Everywhere you looked it was like looking at a post card!

Us girls were bit worried about being pounced on by a mountain lion or running into a bear. The boys insisted we were being dramatic, but we played Katy Perry's Roar just to make sure the animals knew were were there. 

Every where I looked I felt the need to take pictures, these photos do not do it any justice, but I tried.

We got back to the camp site with just enough sun light left to get dinner started!

I had corn on the cop and gluten free veggie burgers!

Udi's bread is a life savor when camping! There is something about being around a campfire that makes we want a "burger" so this was perfect!

I wasn't the only book nerd on the camping trip! Jess even rocked her head lamp as a reading lamp!

We had much more energy on night two so we sat around the fire and shared ghost stories while eating marshmallows.

 The ghost stories ended pretty quickly because we got scared and decided to play night time corn hole!

It was definitely a challenge but still fun and pretty cool!

For breakfast the next morning, I had my Udi's bagels (I swear this post isn't about Udi's I just love their  stuff a lot, so I use it ALL the time) and eggs!

And camp coffee of course! Gotta have the coffee!

Gotta wash your dishes! I hate washing dishes, but for some reason its kinda fun when camping!

Before heading home, we decided to go on one last hike! 

We went to the other side of the lake and were on a mission to find the best view! The views on the way up were pretty great too!

The view at the top was breathtaking! I could not believe it!

It never gets old!

We took some time to just enjoy the views before we had to head back to the big city.

I attempted to get a group photo... this is as good as it gets!

Have you been camping in Big Bear? It is a totally different experience compared to staying in the cabins. Both are lots of fun, but different, and with different levels of cleanliness. Get out there and check it out next summer, but you should snag a cabin this winter! 

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