Monday, August 12, 2013

Who doesn't love Antiquing!

While I was in Big Bear a few months ago, there was an adorable lil antique "village" called Wheeler's. There were a million things to look at and if we didnt already have a car full, I probably would have gone a bit crazy!

Here are a few of the fun things I picked up!

I'm still mad at myself for not picking up this vintage picnic basket! How cute is this!

It would have even been great to just  to have to hold silverware and napkins for BBQs.

I kinda have a thing for old trunks. I have two in my living room and I am looking for a big one that I can have at the foot of my bed to store blankets, comforters and sheets in. No such luck yet! If you see something, be sure to share that tid bit of knowledge ASAP!

There is also my obsession with the past and all things historical, (see historical fiction post) so this is right up my alley! Instead of going on vacations, how cool would it be if you could go to different time periods for a few days! Ok, sorry, I'll stop.

Ha! I just found this sign hilarious! 

Aaron has a bit of an obsession with the Moonshiners show from the Discovery Channel and apparently there is a Hatfields & McCoy show on the History Channel. This is just what I am told, don't hold me to it!

The indoor selection was pretty nifty as well. No antique or vintage shop is complete with out at least a few mason jars! They are all the rage after all. What I loved were all these Disney and Looney-Toons glasses! As a kid, I remember my grandfather having pretty much the whole collection and it was super exciting to pick which glass we would get to use when staying with our grandparents or having dinner. I always wanted the Casper one.

Aaron was pretty excited to find a vintage playboy, but when he looked a bit closer it was only from 1997. Then he was disappointed!

Genius! Candy right as you leave! Not just regular candy but the awesome candy that I used to beg my dad to get me whenever he went to the local hardware store! Those old fashioned hard candy sticks (or whatever they are actually called) are delicious! 

If you know of any great antique places I should check out, I would love to hear about them! What was the best purchase you snagged from an antique store?

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