Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Etsy Shop of the Week: Julianne Blumlo

Julianne Blumlo has been making jewelry for over 10 years, and if you ask me, she has perfected her craft. 

Julianne's Etsy Shop features one-of-a-kind pieces made with raw stones, and is made with 14K gold filled, silver, or vermeil parts. 

I love the elegance and simplicity of her pieces. They are the perfect item to pair with an everyday outfit, and give it that something special. 

How gorgeous is her jewelry?

Not only is Julianne Blumlo's jewelry wearable everyday, but it also has the ability to dress up any outfit for nighttime or that special occasion. I love the versatility of her jewelry! 

I love finding timeless pieces that I know I will have for years to come 

How gorgeous is her jewelry? The best part is that you get your money's worth. Her pieces are so classic, that I know they will be sitting in my closet for years to come, making the little extra that I spent so worth it. 

You can find her website here, and her Facebook here

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