Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Ellie Picks

We are so excited to share our new favorite work out clothes with you! Here is what we ordered!

Mahaley's Picks

Let me just say that up until now, I never cared what I worked out in. A pair of leggings and a tank top would suffice. That was until I met Ellie. I am hooked on their clothes. They make incredible quality workout clothes, at little cost, and there are so many cute choices to choose from. I was thrilled when I got to pick two to try, so I picked the To Dye For Capri's and the Black Widow Tank.

I am IN LOVE! 

The leggings are heaven. They fit perfectly, and are so cute. The tank top also fits perfectly, and is incredibly flattering. Both items are well-made, with great cuts and great quality. 

(Please ignore the mis-matched ensemble - I am in Atlanta, and had not unpacked all of my workout clothes!)

Check out Bailey's picks!

I picked out the
Double Threat Tank and Love Struck Leggings

Ok, I am obsessed and I can not wait till I can get some more of this stuff!

I will give 6 reasons why I love Ellie!

1. Amazing styles that are super cute can compete with all those expensive brands who shall remain nameless.

2. They are not expensive! I'm that girl that still wears the sports bra with holes in it because I don't want to go buy a new one. (yea, gross I know) When I saw the prices Ellie offered I realized it was ok and it was possible to update my workout wardrobe!

3. These are great for any type of workout! If you are on a crazy hike and sweating like crazy they absorb the moisture and you don't get all nasty! They are also great for lower impact workouts like yoga or pilates because they fit well and hold their fit when you sweat and after you wash them!

Did I mention how cute their stuff is! I need to order more ASAP! 

4. There is something about new workout clothes that gets you motivated to keep going with a workout plan or to finally start a new one. And they kinda just make you feel happy!

5. They are also incredibly comfortable so I like to wear mine around the house and when I play with Harley. 

Oh, BTW, they make you jump really high!

You are just in time for their new line! Check out the teaser trailer!
"Bon Voyage was inspired by exotic beach destinations.
This collection will motivate you to get that perfect beach bod for your favorite summer getaway!"

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