Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Raw Spirulina Energy Balls

Ready for an amazingly healthy recipe? Here is one of the best dessert/snack recipes I've ever made. I titled them: Raw Spirulina Cacao Balls. Original Recipe can be found here

These little balls of energy contain superfood Spirulina, and have just five ingredients. The best part is they taste like cookie dough. 

1. Soak 12 dates for about 8 hours, then pit them. 

2. Put all ingredients, except walnut toppings, into the food processor. 

3. Consistency of the mixture should become dough like. 

4. Roll the "dough" into balls - mine made about 10, but you can size however you would like (warning - these are incredibly filling, so don't get ahead of yourself!)

5. Sprinkle the "dough" balls with the crushed walnut toppings. 

6. Pop into the freezer for an hour or two, so they harden. After that, you can keep them in the freezer, or place them in the fridge. 

7. Enjoy the best raw cookie dough ball. ever. 

8. Thank A Girl's Best Friend for bringing you this delicious recipe

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