Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shop Ruche

One of my favorite places to shop is Ruche! They are a great company that has the most adorable vintage inspired clothing for really really reasonable prices! 

I decided that instead of showing you the things I have purchased in the past that you probably cant get anymore anyways, I will pick a few of my favorites that are available now! I also decided that I'm not gonna put outfits together, because figuring out how you would put things together with what you already have in your closet is half the fun of shopping! I won't ruin that for you. 

Let's start with bags! I need a new bag, I haven't purchased a new bag in a while and have  been using my way too expensive bags I bought back in grad school when I thought my loan checks were free money (Turns out, they are not.) Well, these two bags that I must have are so reasonable priced and adorable, I will probably end up finding a $10 bill the first time I carry them!

The Seal of Approval bag is $56.99 and full of space for anything! Even if you need to toss some books and notebook in there you are set! The Nancy Buckle bag is smaller but so cute, the perfect cross body bag that still has space for your phone wallet and some lipgloss! Plus it has the cutest detailing around the edges, go check it out because it is only $46.99.

Ok, next up is dresses! I have more dresses than anything else in my closet, but I love them and I need more. I am the crazy cat lady of dresses. I love all of the Ruche dresses but forced myself to pick two, but couldn't so I picked three! 

The Dejeune Indie dress is $48.99 and mustard yellow, it also has a sheer polkadot layer on the top! The Impress Me dress has sage and a peachy-beige color block pattern that I'm a bit obsessed with right now, it is only $48.99 too! The Blue Danube is girly and sweet and I love the lace details, this one is a teeny bit more at $55.99.

Jewelry time! Lets get fancy. I picked just a few things that caught my eye right away while scrolling and quickly thought of multiple things to wear them with. 

The Flora Jeweled necklace is $26.99 and has really cute smokey earth tones, great for transitioning into fall. The Montreux Summer earrings are really pretty but simple chandelier earrings for only $11.99. The super sweet Ariel Mint bracelet is $17.99 and would be a great addition to a pretty summer dress or even a way to add something fun to your work attire.

Like I said, I have a lot of dresses, so one thing I always need to buy are cute tops, that is one thing my wardrobe is lacking. But, Ruche has plenty to choose from. I picked one that looked super comfy and one I could wear to work.

The Kennedy is $42.99 and would be super cute with a basic skirt, or a pair of jeans and some boots in the fall. The Joyful Moments is $37.99 and a cute and simple addition to a cute girly skirt or pair with some dress pants and be adorable at work.

Who doesn't want shoes! Well, either I'm getting older or wiser, not sure which. Let's go with wiser.  I do love rocking some heals every now and then but I love me a flat like nothing else! Problem is a lot of flats can be really boring, well not at Ruche!
The Forever Wondering is $34.99 and will work with your summer and fall wardrobe! The Writings on the wall flats are $54.99 and so, so, so pretty!

Here are my picks for some skirts that I absolutely need! I have just recently started to like skirts more. I used to not be a fan of the way they fit and they never looked the same on me as they did on models or mannequins. But, I took that as a challenge and have fun putting things together now. 

I love the Dove Islet skirt is $44.99 and would be so cute all dressed up or even worn casually. This one would't take too much to figure out and looks like it would be very flattering. The Lunch Hour is my new obsession and I know I need to order because I thought about it randomly at least 3 times since I first saw it. It is only $36.99 and would easily stand on its own with a simple top and some vintage heals. I need it!

Ok, those are my picks! Be sure to check out Ruche and let me know what you think or send a picture if you order something!

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