Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gardens of Taxco

Mexican tends to be one of the easier cuisines to get gluten-free, however there is nothing worse to finding out they use flour tortillas!

Well, I would like to introduce you to Gardens of Taxco! Not only are they very helpful when it comes to any diet modification, they also have pretty amazing food!

The restaurant is very dark and charming! It is also very easy to miss, so if you are trying to get there make sure you pay attention!

Inside you sit at long tables or large booths. This is definitely the type of place you would want to go to with a big group of people. 

The very entertaining waiters give you a run down of the entire menu! You don't have anything to look at so listen carefully! (Don't worry, they are more than happy to repeat!) Also, if they say it is spicy, they mean it!

After you hear the run down of menu items, you make your choice. Most are a choice between beef, chicken, fish, or vegetarian. Everything you receive from this point will be based on what type of meal you ordered. I ordered the vegetarian meal, but asked specifically for corn tortillas. 

Get ready it is exciting!

The one thing you absolutely must try is their margaritas! They are so delicious and perfectly blended that I could have had a whole pitcher to myself!  

I may actually have had a whole pitcher because they are super helpful with filling up your glass as soon as it starts to look empty! So enjoy, but be careful! They sure do sneak up on you!

They will start bringing each course out to the table. Please learn from my mistake, if you don't finish it before they start clearing everyone else's plates, its ok, just save it to take home!

Oh and just like at any Mexican restaurant, don't fill up on chips! 

Because you will be eating 'family style' you will have plenty of time to chat with friends between courses!

And plenty of time for more refills!

Each time another course comes out it will be exactly what you asked for and you don't even need to remind them! They are on it! But, like I said go easy on the early courses. I thought the second to last course was the main event and then they brought out more and I couldn't eat another bite!

All that food and those dangerous margaritas sure do make you sleepy! But boy oh boy do you go home with a happy tummy!

Hey go there for prom! Or maybe just pose like you are at prom, whatever, its fun!

Have you ever been here? What is your favorite Mexican restaurant?

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