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Healthy Surprise Box 4

I can't even begin to explain the excitement I feel when I see this by my door when I come home from work! This month I was even more excited about the delivery because I didn't have to share! Mahaley is out of town getting her work on, so I had to eat all the yummy healthy snacks all by myself! Poor, poor me!

Its like Christmas morning, except instead of Santa being an overweight old man, I image a very handsome and fit Ryan Gosling look alike dropped it on my door step. 

First up, Miracle Reds Goji, Acai, Pomegranate Bar.

If you remember from our review of our second box, Mahaley had this bar and took it with her on her road trip to Arizona. You know, the one where her car broke down and all the food in it melted in the 115 degree desert heat. So, this is the first time we have had a chance to really review these bars!

Sorry Mahaley, these were delicious! You totally missed out! But, I think this bar was really meant for me. If you look at the website it specifically says they have a low glycemic index! That is pretty much saying "Hey You, the girl with Diabetes, yeah you, these are for you!" Now I don't even feel guilty for Mahaley not being able to try them! There are other bar flavors that I am now very excited to check out!

Up next, Snapz! Snapz makes fruit and veggie chips that are healthy for you! No added sugar, salt or fat, just yummy dehydrated fruits and veggies. 

I got to try the Grilled Zucchini Crunch. I love me some zucchini so I was pretty excited!

They were not at all what I was expecting but still totally delicious. They were really good and still tasted like a zucchini, plus they still have the shape and some texture to them so you have something yummy to crunch!

Snapz has a few other flavors, I am now most excited to try their dried pineapple! That sounds amazing. 

Next up, COOKIES! When these arrived, I just happened to be craving some chocolate chip cookies like whoa. 

Seriously, I was so excited to try these mini double chocolate chip cookies from Home Free. Home free has allergy friendly cookies, cakes and baking ingredients. 

The cookies were good in the same way any other bag of cookies you would get to snack on out of a vending machine. They had a good flavor and you wouldn't be able to tell they are gluten free. I however prefer chewy cookies and these were more the dry crunchy type. I did let my roommate try them and he loved them. So you might really enjoy them too! I did look into the website some more and realized that the other products are not gluten free, only the cookies. This was kinda a bummer because their coffee cake sure looks great!

Next I had one of my old favorites California Snax Kale chips! They still do not have a website but I am noticing their products here and there as I am out and about. I was lucky enough to finally find at Locali a health food store by my office. I had not tried the Parma flavor so I was exited for these. 

They were delicious of course! I now have stopped buying the other brands of kale chips because these are my favorite now! The Kale leaves are so much bigger and there is much more flavor to them. 

I'm pretty sure even the most skeptical snacker will enjoy these! If you see them while you are out grab a bag or two and try one and then send the second one to me! Just kidding, no seriously, send them to me!

More Hail Merry Products! I have enjoyed their macaroons, they sinfully delicious tarts and now I got to try their orange rosemary pecans! I love me some rosemary, so I was ready to try some of these!

I snacked on a few of them by themselves and the flavor was amazing! I then tossed some on a salad which was another great decision! While I was eating them all I could think about was how perfect they would be to make a gluten free thanksgiving dish! I have a whole bunch of ideas for what I could add them to, but you will just have to wait until November to see what I make!

That's it.
Just kidding, there are plenty more snacks, but the next one is a "That's it. Bar." I had actually contacted this company for a sample because I was curious and turns out Healthy Surprise sent me one instead! These are pretty cool, they literally only have apples and apricots in them! I think I would call it more of a grown up, chunky fruit roll up that happens to be shaped like a bar. I liked this bar, but I think I would prefer the apple + pear flavor.

Some more OLOMOMO nuts! We had these in one of our other boxes and it was the same flavor. Neither of us were fans of the spicy chipotle nuts. I am more of a sweet or salty fan. But I did have my roommate try these, because he will eat anything so might as well just toss stuff his way. He really liked them, so there ya have it, if chipotle is your thing  and your mouth wants to go on an exotic journey to Mexico, you will like these a lot. I'm still waiting to try a different flavor.

One thing I do love is their warnings. This product contains nuts and has been tested on humans!

With this next one, I was pretty bummed Mahaley wasn't here to try this one. I was very torn, because I absolutely LOVE Matt's Munchies snacks. But I hate hate hate bananas!  You can imaging the emotional roller coaster I was on when I saw this. It was kinda like this, "Yay Matt's Munchies, oh gross banana!"

Well I figured for anyone who likes bananas this would be pretty amazing, because Matt's Munchies doesn't mess around. Sure enough, the roommate loved them. 

Mahaley is known for grabbing every squeezable treat that comes our way, so I did have a chance to see what it was all about.  I tried the Apple Berry GoGoSqueez.

I totally get it now! These are so yummy and so much fun to eat! I like this one too because it does not have banana in it! I think a lot of times these things get banana added to them for thickness, but that ruins the flavor! But if you do like banana, don't worry they have plenty with banana flavor too.
Not only do they have a tasty product but they have partnered with the Fresh Air Funt, Life is Good, the American Red Cross, and Kick it 3v3 Soccer! Go to their website to check out more!

In the past we have gotten a few other things from Gospal Health Foods, but never the power wraps! I had no ideas what to expect.

When I opened it up it looked like beef jerky!

But then I tasted it and I still cant quite figure it out except for the fact that it is salty and savory and delicious! They have multiple other flavors that all sound so savory, for those times where you don't want anything sweet! 

OK, I have saved my two favorites for last! 

Yup, you read it right. These are coconut chips and they are called DANG! I can not get enough of these and I took them everywhere I went just to make everyone I know taste one! (But only one because I needed them to last as long as possible!)

These taste like the absolutely amazing coconut cookies I had while in Hawaii last year. I'm pretty sure they are also 10 times more healthy than those cookies were too! I know they suggest all these great way to eat them and mix them with other foods, and I'm sure they are right. However, I don't think I could get that far without just eating them myself!

Dang those are good! Plus, take a look at the website and learn a bit more about the company! They are family run and do everything they can to give back to the community!

Rise Bars might be my new favorite bar!  

This time I had the Blueberry Coconut Rise Energy Bar. They have different bars, breakfast bars, energy bars, and protein bars. I have tried at least one from each group and I am obsessed! 

I recently went on a crazy hike in the Angeles National Forest and needed something to keep me going.
The rise energy bar hit the spot! It was so delicious and did just what I needed it to!

I have had a few different flavors now and absolutely love all of them! I have also found them at a couple different stores which is great! If you get a chance pick some up! 

You can always try to find these products in your area, or you could order a Healthy Surprise Box and they will be delivered to your door by a handsome Ryan Gosling lookalike* and you don't even have to go anywhere! You will also have some healthy and delicious snacks for a few weeks with no need for a drive-thru or connivence store. My personal favorite is when I'm starving and I'm digging in my purse for anything at all to eat, even a left over  mint from a restaurant and then SURPRISE  a healthy treat that I will actually enjoy pops up!  

* = complete lie

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