Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homemade Facewash

Today on the AGBF YouTube channel, we are making a homemade facewash! We are SO excited to share this recipe.

This is a very special recipe, and Mahaley is kind enough to share with us!

I am crazy about my skin care. I've tried every homemade face mask, avocado this, and honey that on the internet. I love it all. My skin is allergic to perfumes and dyes, so finding face wash, detergent, creams, masks, lotions, etc. that can touch my skin is a constant challenge. Therefore a lot of what I use is homemade. I know exactly what's going in it, plus it is so so so much cheaper than buying "natural" products at the drug store, that really aren't all that natural. 

When we were deciding what type of DIY projects to make this had to be one of them!  I just love how it feels on my skin. It is so easy to make with just six ingredients, half of which I bet you already have. I just use a few drops (literally 2-3 drops) over my face, a few times a week, so this face wash will last you a long time. Personally, I use it about every 1-2 days, but depending on the type of skin you have, and whether or not you struggle with acne, you may want to increase or decrease the use.

Watch us make it with special guest Jess Lizama! Could she be any cuter!

Just in case you need another reason to make this! This recipe was not found online! It was given to me by someone very knowledgeable in the skincare industry, who created it based on his own research. How cool is that?

The recipe makes 2-3 small travel sized bottles. Again, a few drops will go a long way. Be sure to shake it before use as the baking soda settles to the bottom.

What you need:
1/3 cup purified water 
2 Tablespoons aloe vera 
2 Tablespoons vegetable glycerin (this makes a great moisturizer on its own)
2 Tablespoons baking soda 
15 drops peppermint oil (you can use a smaller amount if you prefer less potency)
2 Tablespoons honey 

We had an absolute blast making this video so we hope you enjoy it! 

We hope you love the facewash as much as we do! 

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  1. I'm going to have to try this! My face is so sensitive even touching it turns it red. Sunscreen and facewash just burn to put on. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Let us know how it works for you! We also have a natural sun screen recipe! We will add that to our list of videos to make!