Friday, August 16, 2013

Doggie Photoshoot!

We recently told you about our new favorite pet shop, Village Pet Supplies. We casually mentioned their picture day, but we really need to give you more details about it!

Not only does Village Pet Supply have everything you need, but they hosted a picture day for all the dogs in the community! Free photos and digital copies for anyone who took advantage of this great deal!

You know we were all over that! We changed plans and made sure we could be there. Sure enough, we were the first dogs in line! 

They had an area of the shop set up with a white backdrop, and the fabulous photographer, Jorge Galicia, had squeaky toys ready to go! 

Take a look at the photos we got!
 Model # 1 is  Ms. Coco
Here she is rocking the Smize! (Tyra Banks would be proud!)

 Coco looking so angelic. 

Coco acting aloof.

This one is practically a prom photo.

Coco rocking the profile.

Model #2 is Ms. Harley Quinn

Harley was a a bit of a diva and wanted the spotlight all to herself. As soon as the camera came out she was posing and switching up positions making sure the photographer got her best angles. 

Here she is with the sweet and innocent look that also says, I like to party. 

The classic Harley head tilt.

Here she is doing her impression of 90's school yearbook photo pose. (either that or trying to mock Steve Carell's 40 Year Old Virgin poster... look it up)

Well there you have it! We took our dogs to picture day an they were adorable as always. We may or may not have spent more money than we should on prints  of these photos. 

We know you are likely a little envious of our adorable photos, so, if you are in the LA area, check out Jorge Galicia - he is the amazing photographer who took them! 

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