Monday, August 26, 2013

Taylor Swift's Red Tour is Enchanted!

So last Monday night we were lucky enough to go see Taylor Swift's Red Tour! The night was truly enchanted and we just had to share it with you!

If you have never been to Staples Center, it is in downtown Los Angeles. Even if you have not been here you must have heard about how bad the traffic is. Well, because of that, we put on our big girl panties and road the Metro! There was no way we were going to miss this show because of traffic! 

We got to there in no time at all and plenty of time to head to our seats to see Ed Sheeran.

He was fantastic! He rocked a Grumpy Cat t-shirt and even did a cover of Baby One More Time! I am sad to say that about half of the audience didn't know the song. Yup, we were the old ladies at the concert. 

Our seats were way up there, but at Staples center you always have a good view of the stage! Can't complain about that!

Plus, take a look at this! Its like the whole place was filled with stars! The benefit of sitting one row from the very top is you get to see all the pretty lights! It is pretty amazing!

Between sets while everyone was patiently waiting for Taylor, we decided to head out to get a drink. Since we were in the minority being over 21, there was no line for drinks!

It was also pretty empty as people started to return to their seats so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to take  a photo.  That was the moment our luck changed! 

The man we had asked to take our photo happened to be the guy who runs Taylor's merchandise company. We had plenty of questions for him about his job and what he does. We talked with him for a few minutes about where we are from and where he was from and how long he has been with the tour. 

All of a sudden he started putting something on our wrists! A small yellow band that said "Pit L" and I think we all stopped breathing for a few seconds!

We instantly turned into 16 year old girls and started jumping up and down with excitement! And of course insisted he take a picture with us! He let us know what song to listen for to know that Taylor was two songs away so we could run down to the pit! 

Running to the pit was not easy! We had to chug our drinks mid run and ended up on the right side of the pit and had to sprint around Staples Center to the other side with half of the last song playing! But we made it! And after entering the pit and screaming like girls for a few seconds the lights went out and  There she was! 

She opened with State of Grace and there was a lot of singing and dancing. Not just on stage but we took full advantage of the space to dance in the pit! 

She was right there! She walked right in front of us! Like seriously 5 feet away! It was crazy! It still had not hit us that we were in the pit! For some reason we were the only ones freaking out about it, everyone else was so cool. Nope, not us, we were losing it! 

Holy Ground was next!

Here is what they looked like put together!

Some awesome drums! It was very Blue Man Group like! Totally got even more adrenalin going, if that was even possible!

One of the things I love about Miss. Swift is that she is totally open about her life and owns up to her "reputation" (because lets be honest, most early 20's girls have had a million relationships that didn't last) So, when she just put it out there before starting Red and letting everyone know, yeah, she did write a whole album about a break-up, so what!

And she rocked it, she really is one hell of a performer!

She got her guitar on during Red!

Did I mention we were tight there! Oh, and how cute are her clothes! Everything she wore was adorable!

You Belong with Me was next! But not your regular You belong with me, oh no! This had a lil bit of shoop in it! 

We couldn't see all of this because it was right above it, but from the screens it looked pretty great!  A fun twist on one of her older hits! And thanks to YouTube, we can relive it over and over!

Next up, The Lucky One! Not for nothing, but tonight we were by far the lucky ones!

 This was quite the production! So many costumes and dancers and drama! I loved it!

And of course that dress! Oh my, when she walked up the stairs it was beautiful the way it flowed over the stairs.

And yet again, another reason why Taylor is so great. Before singing Mean, she had a heart to heart with the crowd about being a good person and not letting "mean" people get you down. I don't care what you think about her, the positive message she shares with her young fans is amazing. I wish I had had someone like that to look up when I was younger, although it probably still applies now.

Before she sang 22, she showed clips of herself starting from 1 all the way up to 22. The videos included her as a baby, singing and dancing as a little girl, singing the national anthem and her over the past few years of her career, ending right there at the Red tour.

This was so much fun! 

Then she went to another stage in the middle and we couldn't see her as well. But we took that chance to get some photos. 

While she was over there she sang Ours, Everything has Changed with Ed Sheeran of course and Begin Again.

Then she flew back to us with Sparks Fly!

Of  course she had a guest! She had teeny tiny Cher Lloyd to  sing Want U Back! 

Their performance was great and it looked like they were having an absolute blast as well!

It looked a lil bit like this! :)

After they both left the stage, an awesome violinist came out of the floor!

And then Taylor came down the stairs!

She kept an innocent white dress on just long enough for the beginning of I Knew You Were Trouble! 

Then it was ripped off and she was a bad ass!

To slow some things down again she sang one of our favorites! She played a big red piano with moving parts and gears! It was so cool! I wish we could have seen more of it!

All Too Well is one of our favorites so we were pretty excited when she played it!

Next a very cool Steampunk-esque  number began with super cool costumes and all of her dancers coming out of a music box. 

And then she popped out ready to sing Love Story!

She even had her very own Romeo with a cute white dress.

She had TWO guests! She called out Sara Bareilles to sing Brave! 

I love Sara Bareilles and especially her new song Brave, so this was so much fun! 

That one looked like this!

Again, it looked like they were just having the time of their lives! We were too, so it was kinda perfect!

 She sang Treacherous and got her ballerina on! 

She is a performing machine, she just keeps going and going!

Also, she totally went barefoot again, which I kinda love. Florence Welch does that too, and I kinda love when an artist is like, whatever, I'm gonna take my shoes off and be comfy for this one.

For this one her dancers had costumes that reminded me of Black Swan! Also, Mahaley and I would really like to be back up dancers for Taylor. So if you know anyone who could make that happen please do. We can't really dance well, but we will try really hard!

She ended the night with We Are Never Getting Back Together and it was filled with even more costumes! 

This was one hell of finale with heart shaped confetti falling from the sky!

If only she had done an encore! We did not want the night to end! 

So there you have it! We spent the entire night in awe over how amazing the show was. The costumes, the sets, the dancers and of course Taylor! Two special guests! What! When does that happened!?!?When were were not in awe or dancing around we were looking at each other trying to figure out if we were really down in the pit 5 feet away! A million thanks to Butch, the guy who runs Taylor's Merchandise company!

Did you go to the show? Let us know what you thought! Also, have any of you ever been given pit tickets!??! Rumor has it this happens quite a bit! We would love to hear all about your experiences as well! 

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