Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Fab Shoe Review!

It's that time where we share our August picks with Just Fab, and tell you what we think! 

Mahaley's Picks!

Surprise Surprise, Bailey and I picked the same shoe again! But, at least we got a different color! I chose the Haylen, but in black. 

I had been wanting some cute, every day black booties for awhile, and Just Fab saved the day! 

As always, they are super comfortable, and fit great. 

I normally like my clothes/shoes on the plainer side, but the studs on these are perfect for someone like me. They really add a subtle flair to the shoe, without getting crazy. 

I'm so thrilled with my choice, and would recommend these to anyone! 

Bailey's Pick!

I got the Haylen, in brown! And I'm obsessed! I love to pair them with a cute dress or skinny jeans! 

Here they are! (Don't mind my blinding white legs) 

I love love love them!

Here is a close up for ya! Like Mahaley said, the studs are very subtle so you can wear them with pretty much anything.

I have worn them all day long at work and they are super comfy even at the end of the day!

I also wore them to the Taylor Swift concert and danced the night away, so I think they might be lucky boots too!

Go get yourself a pair from Just Fab you will not be disappointed! 

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