Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bakery on Main

Another line of breakfast and snack products we loved was Bakery on Main. They have an incredible line of gluten free granola products, snack bars, and oatmeal. 

Check out what Whitney had to say here!

Bakery on Main started in a bakery in Connecticut on, you guessed it, Main St when the owner Michael Smulders decided to make something his customers with food allergies could eat. Now they have all these fantastic options!
Truebar is a great dairy free, gluten free, non GMO, and omega rich snack bar available in six different flavors. We have not  had a chance to try these yet, but we are hoping to have a taste soon!

This was our personal favorite granola, though we had a hard time deciding

These snack bars are dairy free, wheat free, and made with flax and chia seeds 

How interesting are their oatmeal flavors? Strawberry shortcake, apple pie, and blueberry scone? Each one is just as delicious as the next. 

Delicious granola packed with fiber

Visit Bakery on Main's website here 

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