Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hank Bars

While at the GFAF expo, we fell in love. Like real love, the kind that makes your belly happy.

While walking the isles we saw these teeny tiny squares. They looked tasty, but who knows, right.

Well we gave them a try and Oh. My. Gawd. These Hank Dessert Bars are beyond amazing. They instantly became our favorite!

There are plenty of flavors to choose from and each is so good. It may sound like we are exaggerating, but no, these rock!

These bars don't seem real, the ingredients are natural, gluten free and delicious. Usually you expect there to be quite a few extra ingredients to make something taste good. Nope, not here, these are so basic, but somehow it works.

See that arm in the picture, that would be Mahaley going back for more. I think we sampled each flavor at least twice. (probably more).

You might be wondering who the heck is Hank. Us too. Instead of trying to tell you the fun story, we will let Stacie tell you. She tells it better. 

We also love that it is a family recipe! That is one thing we are finding more and more with these fabulous gluten free companies. Most are family run, or founded as the result of a special family member.

I think our only regret from the whole weekend is not bringing more Hank home with us. We were not thinking clearly when we only took a carry on with us. So very sad. Hopefully we can get some Hank in the Los Angeles area soon!

Go meet Hank and fall in love like we did!

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