Friday, November 8, 2013


To say I was excited when we discovered the Pamela's booth is really an understatement (see video). Pamela's Whenever Bars have been my favorite snack bars for awhile, thanks to my awesome mother who discovered them. I wasn't kidding when I said I keep multiple boxes on hand at a time of these things.
After writing that, I feel like I could be a good candidate for Hoarders...
My grocery store normally carries the oat cranberry almond and oat raisin walnut spice, so that's usually what I stick to. However, the amazing individuals at the Pamela's booth loaded me up with the chocolate and blueberry flavors, and I honestly couldn't tell you which of the four I like the best. So, try them all. They are gluten free and dairy free, and great for you. 

If snack bars aren't your thing, fear not, Pamela's makes cookies.

And a lot of cookies at that. 

I'd have to say the ginger snaps are my favorite, but I don't think you can go wrong. 

As you can see, Pamela's makes a little bit of everything. I will one day have tried all the products, but for now, I can tell you their scone mix, brownie mix, cookie mix, cookies, and whenever bars are all equally delicious. 

You can visit their website here for a detailed list of products, and they also have some great recipes on their website. 

Happy eating. 

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