Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Red Apple Lipstick

We must admit that we were not aware of gluten free makeup before the GF Expo. That all changed when we met the amazing couple behind Red Apple, Jay and Andrea Harper. Red Apple is an amazing line of makeup that is gluten free and paraben free. 

Red Apple has an extensive line of lip glosses, lip stick, eye shadows, and lip balm. 

While at the expo, we had the chance to sample quite a few colors! 

Bailey ended up with the Hot Mess and Mahaley got the Amor Caliente... for now. There are so many great products there is way more to come!

This lovely company was generous enough to send us home with lip glosses and lip balm of our own. We must say, the Rallye balm is something else. Their lip gloss feels incredible on my lips, and I already notice a decrease in how chapped my lips normally are- just from using it for a week.

 There are colors for everyone, and they have many promotional offers on their website. 

Lastly, they are about to come out with a mascara, which is some of the best news we've heard in awhile. We cannot wait to try it and let you know what we think (though I'm pretty sure we can tell you in advance we will be obsessed with it)

Red Apple is unlike any other line of beauty products I've ever been introduced to, and I hope you love them as much as we do. 

You can visit their site here

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