Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grilled Cheese Invitational

I attended the 11th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational and boy oh boy was it delicious. If you are not familiar with it, the GCI is a grilled cheese cooking contest where you can judge and sample grilled cheese from all over! Whatever your little heart desires, tradition grilled cheese, fancy grilled cheese, dessert grilled cheese or some crazy unheard of grilled cheese. They have it all!  

It was HOT and there were people everywhere! There was also grilled cheese everywhere! The GCI started back in 2003 as a small grilled cheese competition between friends. Not anymore! It is now known as the nation's biggest, craziest, most awesome grilled cheese sandwich cooking competition! I couldn't agree more!

We came hungry, but that didn't last very long! Our first stop was at Heywood. We have heard some great things about their grilled cheese so we decided to make it our first stop!

We had their "sample" which was still pretty much a full sandwich.

It was delicious and extra cheesy! I'm really excited to take a visit to Heywood and try the rest of their delicious grilled cheese sandwiches! They even have vegan and gluten free options so everyone can enjoy the cheesy goodness! They even have a s'mores bar for dessert! What?!?! Yes Please!

Another great part of any festival is the free samples. A grilled cheese festival is definitely going to have some pickle samples! They were so good! We went back for seconds and  because I think pickles might be one of my favorite snacks, I might need to pick up a jar soon.

We also sampled  some Boulder Canyon gluten free potato chips! These were delicious and I need to find them in a local grocery store! I had the totally natural chips and Aaron had some of the BBQ chips. Both were fantastic! These are also gluten free which is always a good thing to have around in case you have guests that are on a gluten free diet. 

Next stop, because when you are at a grilled cheese festival, you can't just have one sandwich, we headed over to check out the infamous Grilled Cheese Truck!

We had to wait in line for quite a while in the hot hot sun, but we were given some delicious taxer-tots while waiting. I had the pleasure of tasting the Cheesy Mac Melt! 

Every grilled cheese sandwich should have mac and cheese inside!

After grilled cheese, you gotta have dessert! I was about to get one of those delicious looking dessert grilled cheese sandwiches when I was distracted by a pretty pink truck. The Fry Girl truck had mini donuts for sale!

With donuts as "healthy" as this how can you pass them up!

So delicious! I need to track down the Fry Girl truck again! These donuts were amazing! I also would love to see what else they have in their truck. 

Overall, it was a successful day and we left with full happy bellies! 

If you want some more information so you can make sure you are ready for next year go check out their website here! Bring your soon to be famous grilled cheese sandwich or maybe register to be a judge! 

Have you been to this festival? Or even better, if you know of any other food festivals please share! 

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