Monday, April 8, 2013

We are Starting a Book Club!

We are starting a book club!

Some people may roll their eyes and say, "A book club? More like a lame club."  But we are not friends with those people.

I know I'm a book worm and have been since I was a kid. When I joined my first book club, I couldn't believe my luck! I got to read books, and then talk about them and share my  opinion with people who were there to do the same thing! I loved it. Its the worst when you read a great book and you want to tell everyone about it or talk about  what your favorite character did and nobody is interested.

I remember as a kid, telling my mom every little detail about a book I read and what I thought about each character and how it ended all while she was trying to make dinner and nodding her head with a few Oh wows and uh huhs.
Nope, not anymore now with a book club there is much more of a discussion.
This new book club has not yet started but in preparation we have  turned to Go Check it out !

I'm in love with the app. You can scan all of your old books into your "read" shelf and load up your "to read" shelf so you can keep track of all the books that catch your eye.

Anyway... We will be selecting our first book very soon!

Stay tunes and maybe read along with us!

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