Friday, April 26, 2013

Yoga Shelter

I am the opposite of a true "yoga go-er" - I have a hard time relaxing, am always on the move, and love my workouts to be intense. That being said, one of my best friends and I are workout buddies, and always try new places via Groupon or Living Social. We had just used up our "Pop Physique" classes when a new Groupon came up for "Yoga Shelter." They were offering 10 classes for $20. How could you resist a yoga class for $2? I was slightly unexcited, because I had tried other yoga studios before and always found their classes under stimulating.

That all changed when I started going to Yoga Shelter. They have three different class options - slow flow, yoga rocks, and fusion. Slow Flow is a slower class, with longer poses and more focus on the breath. Yoga Rocks is higher energy, with more flow sequences. Fusion is a combination of the two. I love them all, but Yoga Rocks is my favorite.

Yoga Shelter, in my opinion, does yoga the right way. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, and modify poses if you need to (for those of us who aren't regular yoga go-ers!), and the music is amazing. I am not a huge fan of meditation music - I need something upbeat that will keep me awake! They have a great upbeat music selection, and don't take themselves too seriously. It's so much fun, and has made me see yoga in a new way. Yoga Shelter has definitely made me more "zen" and appreciate the art of relaxing. I am officially a yoga lover - something I never thought I would say!

They have one location in LA - Studio City - and the rest of their studios are in Michigan. So, if you live in Michigan, it's your lucky day!

Also, your first week at the studio is free!

I may still be at a "day 1" mat, but I love it! 

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