Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hollywood Half Marathon (with 10K/5K option)

Last year I did Run For Your Lives! A zombie infested 5k obstacle course. I had never had so much fun but decided that I needed to be in better shape for the next one!
FYI:  Zombie Apocalypse RULE # 1: CARDIO

The plan to stay in shape and prepare... Run at least one 5k a month in 2013.

So far the group of us who have committed to the cause have done pretty good keeping to the plan. We even went over an above and did our very first 10k!  For a second we considered the half marathon but figured baby steps would be a good idea. And thank god! We were not prepared, we didn't train, and tater-tots were the main course of our pre-race dinner. We also forgot the part where you need safety pins to put your bib on... We were tired...

The race started at 6:00am in Hollywood! That meant we needed to be there around 5:30! That meant we needed to leave home by 5:15! That meant we had to wake up at 4:30! (WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING... is what we were thinking during all of this)

But we pushed through we jumped in the line and we started to run (jog, it was more of a jog). The first  mile was cake, mile two was a little rough but when we passed mile 3 we knew we had made it half way! For some reason the rest of it just happened and we weren't tired.

Most of the races we do are fun runs with themes. This is the first time there has been an exciting finish line. As soon as we turned the corner and saw the finish line, people lining the streets were cheering and something happened. Our legs started moving on their own. Seriously, they just started going and all I could imagine was the cartoon legs that bring up dust and spin leaving skid marks! It was pretty awesome, I highly recommend doing a race just for that feeling. I think thats where the "runners high" comes from because you finish and can't quite understand what just happened.

We finished in 1 hour 14 minutes, which isn't awesome, but we had a bathroom break for the small bladder of the group and took our time. We also were not competitive about it. But next time, watch out  because it's serious now!

Here's a before and after shot! Our goal was to survive it, which we did and then some! It's pretty awesome the things you can accomplish when you take the first step to just try it. 

Now we are looking for another run... any suggestions??

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