Friday, January 10, 2014

Truebar Giveaway!

Its time for another giveaway!

We told you all about Bakery on Main last year and mentioned how we were so excited to try the TrueBars. Well, the fantastic people over at Bakery on Main were nice enough to send us some to try and a few extra to give away to you guys!

There are 6 different Truebar flavors.  Hazelnut Chocolate Chip, Walnut Cappuccino, Coconut Cashew, Fruit and Nut, Raspberry Chocolate Almond, and Apricot Almond Chai.

The Truebars are made with low glycemic index ingredients (Good for Bailey as the diabetic), they are full of omega 3, dairy free, casino free, gluten free, kosher and non-GMO verified. Basically good for everyone! With all that good healthy stuff, you might think that they taste like cardboard and dirt. Nope, not even close these have so much flavor and each is completely unique. Sometimes with really healthy snack bars, they all kinda taste the same, but each TrueBar flavor is completely different.

Mahaley tried the Apricot Almond Chia, Fruit and Nut, and Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry.
The two standouts were the Fruit and Nut, and the Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry. Both absolutely delicious, but I definitely enjoyed all three. The bars were the perfect amount of sweet and savory, and filling. (I hate when you eat a granola bar that's 200 calories and 10g of sugar, but you're still hungry 20 minutes later). I was really impressed with the three flavors I had of true bar, and I have made multiple purchases of the Fruit and Nut, and the Chocolate Cherry. 

Bailey tried the Walnut Cappuccino, Raspberry Chocolate Almond and Coconut Cashew Bar.
If I had to pick a favorite, I could honestly tell you I liked all of them, but I guess the Walnut Cappuccino would be what I liked best. Only because I don't think I've ever had a bar that tasted like that! It was a really unique flavor.  Even though raspberry chocolate and coconut nut bars are more commonly found in energy bars, protein bars and snack bars the Truebar was a bit different. It was very moist and tasted fresh. Even though they were familiar combinations, they were still unique and had a lot of flavor. They were also nice and filling I used them either while getting ready to go ride my horse on the trails, before a yoga class and just in the middle of the day when I needed something to hold me over. I absolutely loved them and I was so jealous that Mahaley got to try the others. 

And remember, they really are healthy and good for you ! Take a look at the ingredients and nutrition facts!

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below! Let us know which flavor you are most excited to try!

If you want to find some TrueBars near you, look here to find the closest location! You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. love your bars they are so good!!!

  2. Love these bars .my granddaughter Brittany Carpenter won them and gave me some .

  3. love these bars coconut is so yummy!!

    1. William you won! check out or email us at

  4. Walnut cappuccino sounds delicious, reminds me of coffee & walnut cake