Friday, January 3, 2014

OMG Blends New Year's Giveaway!

Remember the OMG Blends cleanse that Bailey went on a few months ago? Well, we thought with the New Year that it would be a perfect time to giveaway a 3 day cleanse to one of our readers. If one of your new year's resolutions is to be healthier, this is a perfect (and affordable) way to do so. 

In case you don't remember what OMG Blends is and you don't want to read the old blog post we will break it down for you here.

OMG incorporates meal replacement smoothies, soup and a healthy lean protein meal each day. Great for a refresher to get back on track, start a new routine or just enjoy healthy alternatives without having to do a lot of cooking. 

So who wants to win a 3 day cleanse from OMG??

We will be announcing the winner on January 17th. Perfect timing if you ask us. Just in case your New Year's Resolution starts to get tough to stick to after the novelty wears off, this will kick start you back into gear!

How to enter... First, OMG is only local to Southern California so we are sorry if you are out of the area, but we have plenty of other giveaways coming your way this month so hang tight.

Ok, now make sure you are subscribed, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and then leave us a comment letting us know what your resolutions are for this year! 

Also, just in case you don't want to wait to see if you win, you can use the code ORGANIC to get 25% off your first online order!

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  1. I would love to try the cleanse! I'm trying to be healthier this year!

  2. I want to run 2014 miles this year and run at least one 100 mile week!

  3. Looks yummy and very healthy! Would love to try the cleanse and tell others about it too!!

  4. This is the perfect time to try a cleanse! As for my resolutions, one of mine is to live more in the moment and to appreciate the small sacred things. I would love to begin the year with this kind of clear mind AND a clear body to go along! :)