Thursday, January 2, 2014

BOLD Organics Pizza

Recently, I became completely dairy free, which has made eating my favorite meal - pizza - very difficult. I am so excited to share with you my new discovery, BOLD Organics Pizza. I have tried most of the frozen dairy free/gluten free pizzas on the market, and I have yet to find one that either tastes good, or is worth the calories for the tiny portion size you get. So, usually I just make my my own, but sometimes that just isn't possible. 

I almost don't believe that I am eating a gluten free/dairy free pizza when I eat the Veggie Lovers pizza from BOLD. But, trust me, I have checked and re-checked the ingredient list - it's legit. (Oh and you can have it vegan!)

They have four different flavors, and are in a substantial amount of stores. The Veggie Lovers pizza is not only one of my favorite frozen pizzas (believe me, I've had them all), but it is without a doubt the best of its kind. 

For you GF meat eaters out there, they have something for you as well! You can try out the deluxe or the meat lovers.

So good you must give it a try!

Read about BOLD here

Have any of you had BOLD pizza?? If so let us know what you thought.

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