Friday, January 17, 2014

Cosmos Creations Giveaway

We keep talking about the GFAF Expo, but seriously there was so much we could probably talk about it from most of 2014. One more thing we were introduced to was Cosmos Creations. A tiny bag of their delicious cinnamon crunch was put into our bags and somehow got buried under all the samples and treats.

Well, when we finally got to the bottom of the bag and tried some we were instant fans and contacted them right away. We just had to try the rest of their "Creations"!

They were kind enough to send us some samples to try and it is official, we loved them all! I do think the butter flavor is our favorite. Believe it or not but it is dairy free too!

We had some big bags so we were able to share them with quite a few people. We got the same response from each person. What is this and where can I get it. (and of course there was quite a bit of the "How can his be gluten free? It tastes so good" garbage people are always saying).

We wish we could share it with all of our readers. Well, lucky for you guys, they not only sent us delicious sample, but they sent us some for you as well! We will be giving away a bag of each flavor so you can try for yourselves! You will get some sea salt and butter, salted caramel, caramel and cinnamon crunch!

You probably know the drill by now. All you have to do to win is leave a comment! Make sure you are subscribed, and like us on Facebook and twitter! We will be picking a winner on February 7th!

Cosmos makes us think of stars which makes us think of constellations,which leads to horoscopes. So comment and tell us your sign!

Their website also gives you a quick history on Caramel too. Its fun and interesting but doesn't solve the argument Bailey and Mahaley have been having regarding how to pronounce Caramel. Bonus points if comment letting us know how you pronounce Caramel! Lets settle this debate here and now!

kar-A-mel or Car-Mel

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