Monday, January 6, 2014

Buttercelli's Bakeshop

There is a serious shortage of gluten-free bakeries. I realize I say that living in one of the only cities in the US that has multiple to choose from, but seriously, I wish GF/vegan bakeries were everywhere. Thankfully, for those of you in the LA area (specifically in the valley), Buttercelli's has amazing gluten-free, vegan, and paleo options. 

I discovered Buttercelli's when one of my best friend's bought me cupcakes from there for my birthday this past September (thanks again, G). Ever since, I stop in every time I am in the area to stock up on my favorites. They have a vast assortment of delicious baked goods and cupcakes. My favorites would have to be the brownie, blondie, donuts, and vanilla cupcake. 

They will do custom cakes and orders, as well as catering and special events. 

They often have quiches and some savory items to choose from. 

And their latte's are out of control good. The almond milk latte is a must. 

I highly recommend this bakery to anyone with dietary restrictions, and those without. I also have to mention that the staff is incredibly nice. Every time I go in there, I ask 21 questions about their treats, and take an hour to decide what I want, and all the while the staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, and personable. 

You can find more info about Buttercelli's here

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