Monday, December 2, 2013

Hail Merry

On this fabulous Cyber Monday, while your inbox is full of deals on electronics, clothes, candles, and well everything. In my opinion, nothing goes better with online shopping that some tasty treats!

Confession: I use Hail Merry's Chocalote Almond Butter cups as a cure for pretty much any mood. Seriously, if I'm in a bad mood, 1/4 of one and I'm happy. If I'm in a good mood, I eat some just because I want to and it feels right! That are so so so good! 

I also like to put the Macaroons in the freezer and take one out when I'm running late and haven't had breakfast. Or maybe I'll snag one as an after dinner snack.

The point is, they are so delicious and I absolutely love them. I typically think of desserts when I think of Hail Merry. But, they also have some nuts and seeds that are more savory and great to add to vegetables or salads.

Hail Merry's philosophy is based on using raw oils, gluten free and vegan products that are naturally sweetened and ingredients are responsible sourced. Not to mention they are delicious and fit the needs of multiple dietary restrictions as well as lifestyle choices. 

Check out their bad ass mascot! No GMOs! Gotta love it!

What I am probably most excited about is  the addition of the mini tarts! The regular ones are perfect, but they are just so darn big, so this is pretty perfect!

Note to all my friends reading this, if you are coming attending a holiday party that I will be hosting or attending, I wont be made if you bring these! 

Also, just because it is holiday time, go ahead and order yourself some of their Macaroon Twin Tins!

Regularly $35.00 but right now only $22.50.

Enjoy Your Cyber Monday with something sweet!

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