Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of A Girl's Best Friend Gift Guide: Dr. Lucy's Treats

Today is the last day of our gift guide! And Christmas is almost here. Which means you will be needing some cookies for Santa! We have featured a variety of gift ideas, and we've saved one of the tastiest for the end - Dr. Lucy's Treats.

Dr. Lucy's cookies are gluten free, vegan, milk and egg free, and peanut free. I was shocked when I tasted them and how good they were. They are low in calorie, and have a great ingredient list. Thus far, Dr. Lucy's are my favorite vegan/gluten free cookie on the market. These make a great stocking stuffer, thank you gift, or addition to any gift, especially someone with a food allergy. 

Here is a sample of their different flavors. They are sold in Target, Whole Foods, and a variety of other stores depending on where you live. If you are in a rush, they are available on Amazon Prime as well. 

(These are Santa's Favorite.)

(But the reindeer are all about the sugar cookies!)

The best news? Dr. Lucy's has been kind enough to gift one of our readers 5 boxes! You know the drill by now - follow us on twitter and instagram, like us on facebook, and leave a comment below. We will be choosing the winner on New Year's Day, so hurry up and enter! 

You can visit Dr. Lucy's site here

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  1. i've done all of the above and i'd love a chance to win! you girls are so inspiring and even though i'm only just starting my journey to be a happier and healthier person, i can't wait to try all the recipes you've took the time to put together. thank you so much for this blog, you both are wonderful! i hope you have the happiest of holidays :)

    1. Hey Congrats! Thanks for commenting and checking out Lucy's! Send us an e-mail so we can get your address! Happy New Year

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