Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of A Girl's Best Friend Gift Guide: Red Apple Lipstick

More 12 Days of A Girl's Best Friend's Gift Guide!

Perfect for your gluten free friends and pretty much anyone who likes makeup.

You may be familiar with Red Apple Lipstick from some of our previous posts. We have been big fans since we met them at the GFAF Expo in Dallas and we think you will be instant fans once you try some of these new products too! 

Here is what Mahaley has to say about the Rallye Balm and Lip Exfoliator

I have never seen anything quite like the Rallye Balm or the Lip Exfoliator from Red Apple Lipstick. I love that they come in a pack, because they are both worth having. The Lip Exfoliator is so gentle, but really does make your lips look and feel amazing. The Rallye balm is so moisturizing, and I can definitely noticed a decrease in how chapped my lips are during the winter (because 70 degrees in LA is considered the arctic). 

The great thing about this as a gift option is that it's suitable for every girl and every skin tone. There's no guessing as to what color might look good, or what that person will like. The balm and exfoliator are also sold separately, but, like I said, it's worth the combo :)

Bailey sampled some of the Red Apple Lipstick eye shadows. We both really loved the lipstick and the lipgloss, but had no idea what to expect with the eye-shadow. 

Bailey tried the Twinkle Taupe, Violet Vixen, Graphite Glam and Iced Mocha colors. Seriously, Twinkle Taupe. Everyone should get this color just because the name will automatically make you happy!

Take a look at Bailey trying out the eye shadows.

This quickly became a favorite and all the poor old eye shadows are collecting dust in the back of a drawer someone in the bathroom. This would be a great gift for the girl who is a beauty guru, and also that girl who only sometimes wears makeup. Either way it is going to look great and it doesn't have any of those nasty ingredients that will bother their skin.

There are also pre-designed palettes to choose from :)

They eye shadow may be a difficult gift to get for someone if you don't know their colors, but there is always a gift card if you are not up for the challenge. Any girl would be excited to pick out some new colors! Perfect timing too, everyone wants to start fresh and try something new in the New Year. What better way to start than having some new eye-shadow to rock at that New Year's Eve Party! 

Happy Shopping! Be sure to check out everything Red Apple Lipstick has to offer.  

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