Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Days of A Girl's Best Friend Gift Guide- Alter Herbal Martini

Time to stock up on everything you need for your holiday parties and  upcoming New Year's Eve celebrations. 

Altar Herbal Martines are perfect for both! Here is a little bit about Altar. 

It is a Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixer made from fruits, heirloom vegetables, flowers, teas and spices. You can enjoy them alone if you prefer a nonalcoholic beverage, or you can mix them to create a fancy cocktail. 

They have 5 different mood mixers you can serve on their own or in fabulous mixes all while choosing to keep it alcohol free or add your favorite liquor. They have plenty of suggestions of how to make things interesting. Some of their suggestions range from hot coffee drinks, fizzy refreshing drinks, festive cocktails as well as fun shots! 

Fist off take a look at Aphrodisiac and some of the fun things you can make with this! I'm pretty excited to try the Coco Kiss with Aphrodisiac, coconut water, apple juice, apple slices, chestnut homey and nutmeg! 

Next up is Bliss  sounds like it would be delicious in a drink, but it can also be used to make a frosting!!! All you need is some Bliss, unsalted butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla and milk.

Some Chi for try mixing it with some dry gin, soda water and cucumber wedges for a Cherry fizz!

Ok before I taste Chill in a drink I think I need to make the Altar'd Panna Cotta recipe! Then I'll go ahead and try the Dog Day Afternoon with Grenadine, lime juice and mint!

The Restore looks so refreshing! Mix it with some pineapple juice and vodka or use it in a fantastic tilapia recipe!

These are just a few of the recipes they offer on their website, but by all means get creative and have fun with it! This is the gift I'll be getting for myself, my mixologist buddies and for sure probably all 5 bottles for my pregnant friends who are holding back this holiday season.

All are 25-40 calories per serving, non-alfoholic, gluten free, made from natural ingredients, and with no added sugar!

Bottles are $19.95 each or you can pick up a 5 pack for $97.95 and you can shop here! They are also available in some Southern California Bev-Mo stores.  Today if you shop on line you can use the code Ambrose for 10% off! Happy shopping! 

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