Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Days of A Girl's Best Friend Gift Guide: Harney and Sons

Day 7 of our 12 Days of a Girl's Best Friend is...

Bailey first found this at a friends birthday party. She instantly became obsessed and insisted Mahaley give it a try. One sip and Mahaley was obsessed too. Needless to say, our kitchens have multiple Harney & Sons tea tins and gradually it seems like our tea collection is heavily weighted by Harney & Sons, and more specifically their Hot Cinnamon Spice. 

It is like the Holiday's in your mouth! So amazing, and it is good and strong so you don't even have to add any sugar or cream to it. It taste like a super fancy tea drink you would pay a lot for, but it comes out of one tea bag!

We were pleasantly surprised that it was also available in Decaf! 

Perfect for curling up with a book right before bed. Or perfect for those of you who just don't do caffeine 

Not only do they have fantastic tea, but they really know their stuff. They want you to know it too. Since being introduced to Harney and Sons, Bailey has developed a bit of an obsession with tea and is learning all about it. Here is a bit of info from their This is Tea gives you all the basics and a bit more if you are interested.

They also have lots of fun tea accessories for you! Pick up a new tea pot, or maybe some new tea cups!

How pretty is this lace tea cup!

Whatever you need grab some strainers, filters, tea kettles, or maybe just a whole bunch of tea! They have great gift packages and their tea alone would make a great stocking stuffer!

Go check it out and pick something fun! They have lots of sales during the holidays so be sure to check out their website! Hurry Hurry today is the last day for Free Shipping!

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