Friday, September 6, 2013

Santa Barbara 1/2 Marathon

Ok, So if you read my post about the Big Sur marathon, you know that I was in the market for a good ol' half marathon to get my feet wet.

Well, I found one! And I think it is going to be just as beautiful as the Big Sur! I have signed up and started training for the Santa Barbara International Half Marathon!

I chose this one for a few reasons. First, I love Santa Barbara and it is absolutely beautiful! According the course map I will get to finish right by the Santa Barbara Harbor! I also chose it because it is pretty close to LA and an easy drive. I have a feeling that driving hundreds of miles or flying would wear me out and I wouldn't have energy to run. The Last reason I chose this race, is the elevation map! Not too many hills, I can handle that!

Like I said, I have started training. I took lots and lots of advice from Kim over at Mile Long Legs. Poor girl must be sick of answering my questions, but she keeps doing it with a smile on her face! (Canadian's are just so nice!)

I also downloaded the Hal Higdon training program. Popped that baby on the refrigerator and its like a coach telling me what to do every morning. So far so good!
Also, just found out there is an App for the training... hmm?

I'm pretty clueless still and constantly have questions like; Am I running right? My dog chewed my running shoes a little bit are they still ok to run in? What kind of strength training should I do? How fast should I go? What should I eat? and Is cardio really the number one survival rule?

If you have answers to my many questions be sure to share in the comments below! I need all the help I can get!

*I'm a little bit excited for the Zombie run coming up at the end of this month, can you tell!

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