Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Proof Case

I don't know about you, but I drop my phone at least 5 times a day. At least. I also use my phone when I go riding and stick it either in the strap of my sports bra or in the waistband of my pants. Both places get pretty sweaty. Oh, and when I go running, I tend to spill my water on my phone while changing songs or just simply taking a drink.

Lets be honest, the iPhone in a bowl of rice doesn't make your phone like brand new.
Aaron got me a Lifeproof case  when I had my old iPhone because I smashed it, twice, within about 2 weeks.  After I got the case I could drop it whenever I wanted! I even took it swimming in Hawaii, in the bathtub for doggie baths and it fell out of my pocket while riding more times then I can remember. Every time people are like, "Oh No! Your phone."  I get to be like, "It's cool, don't worry!"

When I finally upgraded and got the iPhone5, I knew I needed another LifeProof case I wouldn't leave the Verizon store until it was safe inside. I'm pretty sure something would have happened and those darn iPhones aren't cheap.  

Not only is this case my new best friend, but it is super cute and comes is lots of colors. People always ask about it and think it is a different phone. Then they are shocked to find out it is waterproof. I like to brag about it, "my case is totally better than your case."

It is thin, light, dirt and dust proof, spill proof, splash proof, water proof, and drop proof! All the things I need to proof, all while the screen and camera are perfectly functional! (oh and the phone part, that works too)

I'm obsessed with it, because I have not had to pay to fix my phone since I have had it! I also love it because the company is amazing! My first case for the iPhone4 got a crack in the little door that opens to charge the phone. I just emailed them and they immediately sent me a new one and had me send the old one back in a pre-paid package. So easy! I was all ready to put up a fight about it and had a whole speech and everything!

Also, if you do get one of these, a really important part of this case working is having it on. I took it off the other day to try on this cool new camera lens, and dropped it. My heart stopped! I feel like I can never take it off again. I'm not a naturally super clumsy person, so I think iPhones are suicidal.

Do you drop your phone a lot too? Have you had to attempt the rice trick after dropping your phone in the toilet, pool or a puddle? Or maybe you are one of those people with a completely shattered screen that has to put scotch tape over it so you don't get glass in your finger every time you use your phone. Yeah, we have all been there!

Share your phone horror stories with us! Misery loves company after all!

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