Monday, September 9, 2013

Color Me Mine

We have been wanting to go to Color me Mine for a long time and it seemed like we could never find a weekend where everyone could go. So we finally found some time to get a few girls together to go! We went for a fun filled hard core Friday night out! (We were home by 8:00)

 Color Me Mine is a ceramics studio where you can pick out what you would like to paint and then get to work! I think I was most excited about this because it made me think of being a girl scout. I remember  picking out a cute little bear and painting it then being so pissed that I didn't pick the even cuter bunny like Kristina did. 

Because of Girl Scout past, I have decided that choosing what you want to paint might be the hardest part. We all walked around the store about 10 times before choosing. You can choose from just about anything and prices range from around $12- $50. (maybe more or less, but that was what I saw)

You can get basic kitchen staples like mugs or plates, cute serving platters, vases, pitches or even goofy animal figurines. They probably had that cute bunny there someplace, if I only I had seen it! 

I ended up choosing this shallow serving bowl. I imaged it filled with a yummy quinoa salad!

After you pick what you will be painting, you need to pick out the paint! They give you this handy-dandy color tile to help you pick. They even show you what the colors will like like with 1, 2 or 3 coats. This is all great, but you have to pick one some of the colors. That was hard too, I was impulsive and just went for it.

Once we picked out the colors, we went over to the color bar where the "bartender" will get your colors ready.

You can also pick out the brushes you want. I'm sure there is a method to this, however I just grabbed big, medium, small and really small and went on my way. 

Once you have your paint, brushes, water and sponge, you are ready to go! This is about the point anxiety sets in. DON'T MESS UP! That was all I heard in my head the whole time :)

You will want to use the little sponge to wipe off any dust from your ceramic piece before you start painting.

Also, you are supposed to wait for each layer to completely dry before you put on the next. However, I was impatient and didn't wait. I honestly have no idea how people could wait that long, thats probably why I'm not an artist.

I also got a lot of paint on my fingers because I wouldn't wait for it to dry before I flipped it over to do the back. But that made me feel like an artist so I was cool with it!

When you are there you will see a lot of really beautiful pieces and you will look at them and think that painting is easy. Well, It isn't. A paintbrush is much harder to use than a pencil and straight lines and perfect circles just don't exist! 

But, it is still fun to get frustrated with your friends!

After you finish paining, you head home and have to wait a few days for the helpful Color Me Mine staff to fire them.

Here is my very festive bowl.

Corrine made a bowl that made us all hate our pieces. 

Seriously! How cute is this!

Jess made a sweet mug.

And Kim made a polka-dot mug!

Well we waited a few days and then we got to see the finished product!

Here is my dish all shiny. I was pretty sure that if I put it in my kitchen cabinet I would never use it because I would  be too scared to break it, and nobody would see the beautiful art I created!

So, I threw some knick-knacks in it and put it on my bookshelf

Here is Jess's finished product! How cute is this!

She even put something special inside.

Kim's is adorable as well! Polka dots and coffee make every morning better!

And of course this ridiculously adorable bowl!

I want to steal it and use it to hold rings and jewelry.

But first, I would eat a HUGE bowl of ice-cream out of it!

What do you think! On a scale of pre-school art class to museum worthy, where do we fall?

Have you ever been to Color Me Mine or a similar place? Let us know in the comments below! Also, we would love to see what you made! Tweet us a photo or post it on our facebook wall! 

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