Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dress Up Your Kitchen ~ Nicole Porter Designs

Since fashion isn't just about what you wear, we want to share something fun to spice up your kitchen or give your next get together some conversation pieces.

While snooping around Etsy looking for a housewarming gift for a friend I found Nicole Porter Design and not only found a gift, but found a few things I wanted as well!

There are adorable state napkins. I'd snag some of the Cali Napkins for a fun girl's night or small casual dinner party.

I know some of you are transplants like Mahaley and I. 
Pick up your state napkins and have a piece of home with you!

If you don't have a connection to your state, or maybe want to go with a different theme, check out these Eat Well Napkins! You can get them in any color and they are adorable! I love these!

I am thinking of getting some of the plates she makes! They are made of beachwood or melamine and have great patterns or images.

I love the bright colors on the beach wood bowls and plates. I think it would make a pre-set dinner table 
look almost professional!  I like the neon pink and blue the best I think.

I also need this serving tray and spoons!! I can't seem to find the spoons on the Etsy page, but I am now inspired to make them myself!

I'm also thinking of doing some mixing and matching!

How cute would all of these be at a girl's day brunch or tea party! I love how the pretty pastel colors look on the wood. 

I would own a hundred sets of plates if I had the storage for it! Sadly, I don't, but one of my sets I have had one set since I moved to LA over 7 years ago. I can swap it out, right?

Lets go with yes, yes I can!

I hope you like this stuff too, I had to share it with everyone because it is so much fun! Food is so much  fun to make and eat, it should be a whole production, right!

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