Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alex and Ani

I was recently introduced to Alex and Ani when I received an adorable charm bracelet as a gift.

Not only was the bracelet super cute, but I was told it was an eco-friendly positive energy bracelet. That was it, I needed to find out more! 

So, thanks to modern technology and google, it didn't take long for me to have all the info I needed on Alex and Ani. I also had about 10 things in my shopping cart while looking though their site!

Before I show you all the goodies I want to buy, I must share their fabulous Mission Statement.

"Alex and Ani, LLC offers eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit, designed by Carolyn Rafaelian and made in America. Carolyn believes that every individual has a positive message to share with the world and by incorporating powerful symbolism and designs into each (+) Energy piece, Alex and Ani provides a vehicle for the wearer to express their individuality in an organic, spiritual way. She believes it is her life's work to support communities and organizations while inspiring her customers to relish what is unique and authentic about themselves, revealing the beauty within."

I just love it, a great positive message, how can you not want to support a company like that!

Well, just in case you are not yet sold, they also have a fabulous program called Charity By Design.
Alex and Ani work with organizations to create charms to help support non-profit groups share their message as well as get a portion of the proceeds! 

OK, now that I have told you all about this great company, its time to show you my wish list!

I already have the OM bracelet but I think I need more!

"Om is an intonation, a sound resonating throughout the body into the soul. It signifies God, higher power, and the oneness of all beings in life's cycle. The past, the present and the future are all represented in this one sound. Adorn yourself with the Om to connect with your inner spirit, accept serenity, and embrace your faith."

Endless Knott

"Representing the interweaving and ever-changing spiritual path, the endless knot expresses boundless wisdom and compassion. It illustrates an eternal pattern in its design, connecting one's destiny bound by time and change. Wear the Endless Knot Charm to remind you of life's journey and the entanglements of faith."

Tree of Life
"The Tree of Life represents strong roots, consistent growth, and fruition. An acknowledgment of our commitment to nurture, love, and preserve the beauty of nature, wearing this charm evokes the eternal connection between mankind and Mother Earth."

Path of Life

"Emblematic of life's zenith and nadir moments, the Path of Life is representative of an infinite number of possibilities and expressions of love. Illustrating life's twists, turns, and unexpected winds, wear the Path of Life Charm to proudly celebrate your own willingness to travel towards life's fruitful moments."

Star of Venus
"Venus, the jewel of the sky, was once known as the morning and evening star because it shined the brightest. Associated also with the goddess of love, the Star of Venus Charm is a reminder to uncover your soul's beauty by allowing it to evolve and illuminate."

I also love the rings. I can't decide which one I want! 

Empress of Earth
A woman of influence and authority, the empress, leads her community with strong abilities and passionate actions. Symbolizing our connection to nature, wear the Empress of Earth Ring to remain thoughtful, reliable, and patient in all environments.

Empress of Fire
"A woman of influence and authority, the empress, leads her community with strong abilities and passionate actions. Symbolizing fiery empowerment, wear the Empress of Fire Ring for the energy to ignite a powerfully heartfelt difference."

Empress of Water

A woman of influence and authority, the empress, leads her community with strong abilities and passionate actions. Symbolizing the purity of individual expression, wear the Empress of Water Ring to keep a serene nature and to openly share your point of view.

Do you have any of Alex and Ani's jewelry? What should I order? 

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  1. I am not a fan of their jewelry and cant wear it as it isn't sterling silver or gold. I find it feeding off vulnerable people who need some form of outward hope or quasi enlightenment.I just don't like the whole concept. However, your blog is very well done and if someone was a fan of the line am sure they'd love reading about it. To me, the Alex and Ani line is ugly.